Pit Bull Family Get Rescued, But What Happend To The 5th Pup

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This pit bull family was rescued. However, what happened to the fifth puppy was heartbreaking. The pit bull mother and her puppies were rescued.

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These are Prius, Beamer, Mercedes, and Cooper. However, what name you could give to the fifth one? You should watch the video to see what happened to him. They never expected this to happen. It may break your heart.

Hope for paws received an urgent call. A pit bull mother, named Lexus was giving birth in the yard. They secured the yard with temporary fencing.

At first, Lexus was hesitant. The Doggie ran away. Maybe, she was afraid as people may hurt her and her puppies.

When she was touched by the volunteer, she felt relieved. The next thing they did was to rescue the puppies. Unfortunately, the fifth one didn’t make it.

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