PIT BULL Attacks Tiny Dog- Did The Badly Injured Dog Survive?

It was supposed to be a regular walk for Buckles, a rescue 5-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog, when it was viciously attacked by a Pit bull.

– While Buckles and his owners were en route to a park, a pit bull attacked the poor small dog.
– According to witnesses, the attacker’s dog was nowhere in sight when the incident happened.
– The entire attack was captured on video, and it was really a tragic event.

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No pet owner would want their beloved dog to get harmed… and no pet owner in their right mind would want their pet to harm other pets as well. This is the very reason why dogs should be leashed when out in a public place.

One dog, however, was out in the streets of New York, WITH NO leash and no apparent owner nearby! This resulted to the unfortunate fate of Buckles, a small Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog. An unleashed and unattended pit bull suddenly attacked Buckles.

Buckles and her owner were on their way to a park for their regular walk, when a pit bull came out of nowhere and viciously attacked the tiny dog!

Right after the attack, Buckles was take to the clinic for medical attention for the serious injuries that she acquired.

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Read Lucy Yang’s full report here – https://abc7news.com.

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