Pit Bull 🐶 Was Scared Of Men But Now He’s Dad’s New Boy

The awesome video on next page has already over 663,755 views!! Pablo had a tough start as a puppy as he has injuries in his mouth caused by kicking.

When he was in the shelter, no one cared to adopt him until this couple found him. They instantly fell in love with Pablo and wanted to take him home. Soon Pablo became a momma’s boy and loved to play with her all day.

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However, he was scared of his Dad maybe because he had a bad experience with men. Although his Dad really wanted to touch him and play with him, he simply could not.

Until one day, when Pablo saw his Dad with another puppy. He was like ‘I want some of that affection too’. It took a lot of time and patience to help Pablo get friendly with his Dad but it was worth the wait.

His Dad now enjoys a proud moment walking with his two dogs. Pablo is still his momma’s boy but now he’s also his Dad’s favorite boy!

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