How Did Officer Lose His Home And Dog On The Same Day?

There are few things as tragic as losing your home and a member of your fur family in one instant.

-A fire started at around 1am at Officer Russell Okinsky’s residence on Ship Avenue in Beachwood.
-Both Pine Beach and Beachwood fire fighting units responded and contained the blaze in 45 minutes.
-One of Odinsky’s family dogs, however, suffered massive injuries that were beyond recovery.

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When firefighters arrived, two of Odinsky’s dogs were trapped inside the burning house. Both of them were rescued from the fire and taken to the vet for further treatment.

One of them was Keto, a K9 unit from the local police department, who was able to stabilize and recover. The other one, Lola, was their family dog who sadly had to be euthanized because her injuries were too severe.

Members of the K-9 Valor Task Force as well as the police department urged people to donate what they can such as clothes and dog supplies since the uniform Odinsky was wearing was the only thing left of his possessions. Cash donations were also welcomed as it would help with the medical bills incurred for Lola and Keto’s treatment.

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