Pet Theft Is A Rising CRIME??? ⛔

Pet Theft Is A Rising CRIME??? ⛔

Every week as many as SIXTY dogs have stolen in the United Kingdom alone. This is indeed a very alarming number!

– More than half of households in the UK own a pet.
– Majority of these pets are dogs.
– Pet theft has become a rising crime, and the daring act is alarming the law enforces.

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It is alarming when things get stolen. But when pets get stolen, it is a whole new level of daringness that the thieves have mastered if they try to take something that is alive and can possibly make so much noise.

In the United Kingdom alone, about sixty pets are unwillingly taken from their homes every week. Thieves have grown to learn that there are ways to acquire household pets without getting caught, and the police are trying to catch up with these crooks.

Every year, the number of pet theft is rising, and this year has been the highest so far. The main reason why pet theft is rising is still unknown to the police, and they are trying to figure out the motives behind these crimes.

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