Is There A Way To Save Your Pet From DOG FLU? 🐶

It’s dog flu season and there is no apparent sign yet that it will be over any time soon.

– Dog flu is currently spreading on the east coast.
– Pet owners must be aware of the things to do and things to avoid.
– Dog flu is caused by a virus.

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We’ve heard the news before, and we managed to get through it with proper precautions. This summer, dog flu is making its rounds again, and there is no apparent sign that it will stop any time soon.

Currently, the most affected part is the east coast area. However, the west coast is not immune to the breakout. Reports have revealed that about 500 dogs were affected on the west coast, according to experts. In Brooklyn, there are already about 50 cases that were reported since April.

In Manhattan, there are also reports on several cases recently. According to a veterinarian, the disease could be fatal if it is not handled properly.

One of the main symptoms is unexplained lethargy in dogs. Aside from that, loss of appetite and coughing are also red flags that you should go see a vet as soon as possible.

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