Parents Cherish Every Moment Spent With Senior Dog

Pit Bulls are awesome. They give a lifetime of love and good memories to us. It’s only fair that we take good care of them when they grow old. This couple’s Pit Bull turned 11 years old and he is slowly getting health issues. The doctors told them to keep the dog comfortable to help him live longer. The dog, Tembo has given several good years of fun and happiness to his parents.

He is beginning to age and slow down with time. His parents know that they don’t have much time left with him now. Instead of being sad, they have decided to enjoy every day spent with their loving dog. They take him out in the stroller and let him enjoy a lot of treats. He now has a younger sister Laika who is extremely fond of him and loves to stay by his side. She is a kind of security blanket around him when he’s not feeling his best.

Laika helps him feel younger and enjoy being a dog even now when he has health issues. Despite going through chemo and stuff like that, Tembo is still very sweet and intuitiveIt’s true that having a dog makes you a better person. We are happy for the couple and wish them several more days of fun and laughter with their dogs.

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