Dog Abuse – Who Would Paint This Dog RED… And Why???

dog colored red

Black, Brown, White, Tan, and maybe some spots… These are the common colors of dogs!

– Would you believe that a dog seller dared to dye a dog’s hair to RED!
– The reason? To make it sell at a higher price.
– In the end, it was the seller who paid a higher price at the police station.

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The law enforcement nicknamed the poor dog that they recently rescued as Scarlett. You may ask why, but if you see the dog, the answer will be very obvious. It’s fur, was dyed RED! It is a very unusual sight to see indeed, a red-colored dog, but the police were not imagining things.

The authorities rescued the poor dog, whose fur was intentionally dyed by its previous owner. Its new owner, an immigrant, claimed that he only bought the dog from a man, who sold it a such a high price all because the dog’s fur was RED.

Attracted to the color, the immigrant bought the red dog for 150 Euros. Now, the police have custody of Scarlett, and she now has her natural hair color back, which is more beautiful than the red one that was applied to her.

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