PAIN KILLERS Addiction Causes Owners To Harm Their Dog

Substance abuse among pet owners has led them to resort to hurting their animals in order to acquire painkillers for themselves.

– Veterinarians believe that many pet owners are deliberately harming their pet.
– The main goal of these pet owners is to acquire pain killers, that they will use themselves.
– Some owners just dead-flat lie that their pets are in pain, even if there are no signs of injuries.

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Veterinarians in Denver, Colorado are alarmed by the increasing number of pet owners who visit their clinic and claim that their pets are in pain. However, upon check-up, there was no evidence of injuries at all.

The vets wondered why these incidents keep happening and found out that the reason for these lies is that pet owners want to acquire painkillers for substance abuse.

Once they can’t acquire the medications successfully by mere lying, they resort to deliberately hurting their pet animals so that evidence will show that their pets are in pain, and thus they will get the medication that they want.

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