Should We Hate Owners Who GIVE UP On Their Dogs??? 🤕

If you love dogs, then it’s understandable if you loathe people who give up on them. You probably have your mind set against dog owners who suddenly want to give away their pets.

– Experts have nothing against owners who give up on their dogs.
– According to research, shaming and judgmental stares are the last thing owners who give up on their dogs need.
– Giving up a pet is not as easy a decision as other people may think.

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When we hear of dog abuse or neglect, we cringe. We hate the idea of a dog not being taken cared of. Then when we hear an owner giving up their dog willingly, we also raise an eyebrow. We didn’t even consider the reasons behind their decisions.

A recent report says experts have nothing against owners who decide to give up their pet dogs. As much as they thought hard to get one in the first place, they are assumed to have given some heavy thoughts about giving up their pets too.

It is never an easy decision to make, according to experts, but still better to give up on them and allow others to give them care than to hold on to them and just neglect them anyway.

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