Owner Saves His Puppy From Drowning In Hot Tub Last Minute

❤️ Heart Stopping Moments - Owner Could Save His Puppy From Drowning In Hot Tub Last Minute

When our dogs are in trouble, we do our best to rescue them from possible harm.


– A dog owner in Bakersfield, California had a heart-stopping rescue experience with his dog.
– Pet owner, Bernard Williams, saw his pet bulldog drowning in a hot tub.
– Without a second thought, Williams went to rescue his dog, and it was all caught on CCTV.

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Luckily for six-month-old bulldog Adela, her owner was on his regular morning jog on Aug 14. Adela is one of Bernard William’s pet bulldogs.

A CCTV footage was able to capture William’s heroic act to save his pet Adela from drowning in his house’s hot tub. It was indeed a very traumatic experience for Adela, who almost lost her life. The owner’s act of bravery was all caught on camera, via the backyard CCTV.

The heart-stopping action has been shared online, and it has been viewed millions of times by different users. A lot of people commend the owner’s fast reflex and immediate willingness to jump into the deep water just to rescue his pet dog.

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