Is It A Good Idea To Leave Your Dog Outside Your Fire Escape?

A 29-year-old man in Ocean County, Jonathan Correa, is in hot water after his neighbors reported him for exposing his pet to adverse weather conditions.

-A dog was found unconscious after being left out in the sun.
-Neighbors and police officers who responded to the call tried to revive the dog.
-Owner is now facing charges for mistreating a living creature.

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Correa’s neighbors became concerned when they found the dog unconscious in a second-floor fire escape after being left out there for hours. Temperatures in Ocean County reached almost 100 degrees on Sunday which may have caused the dog to die of heat stroke.

According to a police statement, the dog was a Cane Corso-type of dog. Police Officer Keith Prendeville and Sgt. Paul Catalina of the K9 division received the call and went to investigate.

When they got there, the dog was already unconscious and the officers tried to hydrate him and wrapped him in a damp cloth. They then transported him to the nearby veterinary hospital where he was treated and evaluated. Unfortunately, the dog was unable to recover and died a few days after.

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