The true origin of the commonly known domestic dogs breeds is not entirely clear even though it is the most abundant terrestrial carnivore in existence.


It is commonly known that humans and dogs were one of the very first bonding’s that were made between animals and humans . The oldest dog fossils in the world were found in an area (now called Germany) more than a decade ago.


However, the retrieved archaeological records of the true origin of domestic dogs are very ambiguous as there are also claims of findings of domesticated dog bones in Siberia.


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The fossil records shows that it was quite obvious that the early dog from history is quite similar to the modern European dogs.


This means that there was no actual replacement of the domesticated breeds in the past and there was only one domestication event for all the dogs.


There is an evidence to prove that the ancient dogs interacted with humans on daily basis in places like Belgium,France etc. Sweden was known to have full dog funerals when a dog died and this just proves how much these hunters valued their furry friends.


If You have always wondered about how domestic dogs came about, You’re welcome!

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