OMG! Puppy 🐶 Is Stolen Minutes After She’s Adopted

Poor puppy adopted and minutes later stolen, watch video on next page!! Christmas is the time for many good things and many families adopted puppies around this time.

In this video, you can see a family who was all set to adopt Sophie, one of the five puppies at a shelter.

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The little girl got to play with Sophie several times so they had already bonded well with each other.

However, just before the day when the family was about to legally adopt Sophie, something unexpected happened. The poor puppy was stolen and the family was heartbroken.

According to the shelter manager, all dogs are kept within closed gates. However, the gates are often left open to clean or feed them.

They suspect someone stole Sophie during that time. It’s a pity that there were no security cameras in the shelter. So, no one knows who took the puppy.

Watch video on next page to find out what happened ❤️🐾📺🔥➡️

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