Pitt Bull Was Badly Hit By Car – Will He Ever Walk Again?

When the Pit Bull was rescued by a shelter in Puerto Rico, his hind limbs were severely damaged. He dragged himself and could not walk properly. This was probably due to a traumatic spinal injury or maybe a car hit him. Those at the shelter named him Iron because he had the determination to keep on going despite the odds. The vet at the hospital said that he would never be able to walk again.

However, a woman from New York saw the dog’s photo on Instagram and she immediately wanted to foster him. When Iron came to his New York family, they knew it was going to be tough. He was shut down because of his past experiences. Thankfully, the new foster family had a farm with many animals living together. Iron was able to interact with other animals which helped him slowly come out of the shell.

The family tried everything they could to help Iron walk again. From exercises and yoga to getting him a wheelchair, they tried every possible way. Then the magic happened! Iron gained the confidence to walk again and he tried to move around on his four legsWithin two months, Iron was not only walking but also running around. This goes to show how love can change you. The Puerto Rico hospital had said Iron may not walk again and there he was – a happy running dog!

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