🐶 Do You Want Your Dog To Be Obedient Like This?

Our dogs are a reflection of how we discipline them. So, how do we make them behave properly?

– With proper training and enough time to practice, any dog will definitely be capable of following commands.
– One of the most common commands dogs are capable of following is letting them come when called.
– During training, dogs are basically allowed to recall a certain gesture acted by their owner to indicate what they must do next.

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Dogs are certainly man’s best friends. As cute as they are, we want them to act smart too and follow our commands, especially when behaving in a public place, to avoid disturbing other people.

The number one primary command we teach them is coming when they are being called by their name. Almost all dogs, by nature, would immediately come to their owner ones they are signaled to do so.

However, for some dogs, it takes a few more call to get their attention.

Here are some tips from dog trainers on how to improve your dog’s ability to follow command.

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