Chihuahua Volunteer Nurse To Abandoned Kittens?

A  Chihuahua becomes a volunteer nurse to abandoned kittens. What is she thinking? Maybe, you ask yourself. She is nursing not her puppies, but she is helping the KITTENS. Do you think this Chihuahua is a kitten in her past life? She is a dog, who has a big heart not only for the other dogs but also for the other animals like these kittens. Do you love that?

Lucy Lu is a 6-year-old Chihuahua, who unexpectedly becomes a volunteer nurse, not for the other dogs, but the abandoned kittens. She is nursing them and that is unique. Lucy Lu has not been a mother yet. She is just curious about these kittens, which leads her to nurse them. Her body produces milk even if she has not been pregnant before. Indeed, she is amazing and one-of-a-kind!

Lucy Lu took care of the kittens — named Boo and Sully — around the clock by feeding them and licking them as all mother cats or dogs would do, Henion said. When strangers came up to the kittens, she became very protective of them.

“She’s doing an amazing job,” Guests said. “She might be the littlest volunteer, but she has the biggest heart and the biggest commitment.”

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