Is It Dangerous NOT TO Leash My Dog In A PUBLIC PLACE?

A party was stopped when a commotion started in a park, all because of unleashed dogs.

– The incident happened on May 18, almost 7 in the evening at Triunfo Park.
– It was the 50th birthday celebration, consisting of adult and children, with some dogs.
– Animal control busted the birthday party because someone reported that the dogs were off leash.

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Was it just an overaction? Or was the commotion well-deserved?

A celebration was cut short last May 18, when animal control busted a group of people who were innocently celebrating a family member’s 50th birthday party. They were not drugs or prohibited drinks at the party, so why were they interrupted by the authorities?

Apparently, someone reported that there were dogs at the party that wasn’t leashed. The concerned citizen did not hesitate to dial the number and break the fun.

Aside from that, the whistleblower also said that it was a recurring event, that the folks with the unleashed dogs met on a weekly basis. This claim was denied by the group.

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