Newest Memorabilia For One Of Disney’s Dog Character!

Surely, everyone can identify one of Disney’s beloved dog character, Slinky Dog of Toy Story.

– It’s been ages since the release of the latest Toy Story Disney movie, but people just can’t get enough of the cute characters from the movie.
– Disneyland continues to give in to the demands of the masses when creating memorabilias in their Theme Park.
– The newest collection on the set is a Slinky Dog headband that’s so fun to have and use!

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Disneyland Theme Park just added their latest collection of merchandise, and dog lovers are gonna flip!

Remember the cute and ever-adorable Slinky Dog from Toy Story? Well, now, he’s part of the cut headbands that has replaced some of Mickey’s ears fans out there.

Originally, Disney has created the Mickey ear for all their visitors to buy and have a more Disney-themed experience when taking photos within their Theme Park.

Recently, the creative team’s attention was caught by the many fans who want a new design for the said merchandise and decided to add a new design – no other than the crowd favorite, Slinky Dog!!!

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