This Is The Newest “Dog Type” in Town! – Shocking!

Imagine an Artificial intelligence that looks and acts like a DOG… all the good part of having a dog, plus it won’t lick your face!


– This could just be the start of AI for all animals on Earth.
– Animal AI: Is it good news or bad news?
– The first model is a simulated dog that really looks and acts like a real canine, but accordingly, it doesn’t lick your face!


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There are many arguments about Artificial Intelligence. Both sides, the pro, and the con have equally-good arguments. Talented individuals from the University of Washington in Seattle, Kiana Ehsan, and her colleagues, have been doing extensive research about canines and they used their data to create an AI for canines.

The AI is expected to move and look like a real dog, however, it can not lick your face, according to Ehsan and company. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

The group also placed a GoPro camera on real canine’s head, to have an actual observation of how these dogs behave when interacting with people. They are doing their best to make te AI dogs as realistic as possible.


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