New Year! New Pet! — Why Not!?😍 🎁

If you’re on your way to the pet store or animal shelter to pick up you new dog for the family… STOP and READ this first!

– Almost 70% of American household owns a pet.
– More than half of these pet-owning household, choose to own a dog.
– There are fifteen dog breeds that are best for the family.

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There are so many different dog breeds, some are even mixed and cross-bred. So when it comes to choosing which dog to buy or adopt, it can sometimes be a pain in the head.

With the many choices, you think that their decision will be easy in choosing a dog breed to take home. Well, unfortunately, the rule of the thumb doesn’t just rely on physical cuteness or in the thickness of their fur.

There are many factors that contribute why experts think these fifteen dogs are the best choices for your family.

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Find out from this article if your choice of dog is on the list –

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