What Is This New Sickness That’s Spreading Among Dogs???

⛔ WARNING: What Is This New Sickness That's Spreading Fast Among Dogs???

THIRTY-THREE dogs so far have already tested positive for this illness… Find out what it is and how your dog can prevent it!

– An outbreak is currently being recorded at the Garland Animal shelter.
– The illness has claimed a total of thirty-three dogs, and it’s spreading even more by the day.
– According to an American Veterinary Medical Association, there is NO CURE for the said illness.

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When our dogs get sick, we get worried for a moment when we feel relief when we hear the veterinarian prescribe the necessary medicine to cure our fur babies.

However, what if the illness has no cure? What if there is no available treatment yet, and all you can do is watch your dog suffer from the disease and feel helpless as an owner?

This is what the new outbreak is causing some poor canines in the Garland Animal Shelter. The unexpected outbreak of canine distemper has already caused 33 dogs to get infected, and these are only the documented number; not including those dogs that weren’t brought to the clinic for examination.

Most of these dogs are taken home to their owners after diagnosis since no cure yet is available in any clinics, so only proper diagnosis and care could be given to the suffering dog.

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