New Bill Will Bring Happiness To Military Dogs (Video)

Military Dog

Have you seen Military dogs? They look strong, brave, and snappy just like the military men. However, do you think they are happy especially the old dogs? How about their military handlers, are they happy when their military dogs retire? Yes, military dogs also reach their retirement period. However, they may have to leave the base when this time comes.

A new bill about the retirement of the military dogs is out. Before, military dogs retire; but when they do, they have to leave the base. This means they have to be separated from their military handlers. However, this new bill will surely bring happiness to them because they are allowed to retire without being separated from their military owners. After all, they deserve it for their hard work!



“The bond between these military working dogs and their handlers is unique,” Wyden said. “By bringing these dogs that have served alongside our men and women in uniform back to the United States, this bill can provide assistance to veterans while supporting the close bond between these dogs and our soldiers returning home.”This inspiring article can be read at


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