I’ve Never Seen A MORE Cruel Thing Done To A Dog… EVER!

How cruel could his owner be to do such act to this poor dog?

– Stamford police officers retrieved a dead dog’s body by the Connecticut marina.
– The poor dog had his legs tied up.
– No signs of life were there when the dog was found.

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On a fine Wednesday afternoon in Stamford, CT, police found something that was floating along the Connecticut marina. They had a closer look and discovered that it was a dead dog.

Upon retrieval of the poor dead dog’s body, it was found that the dog was in a malnourished state of health, and apparently all his legs were tied using two shoelaces. How inhuman for a human to do this!

Investigators said that dog could have just drifted along the Connecticut marina, and where it came from is still unknown.

The head investigator for the case is Sgt. Brian Butler, who said that the dog was first discovered by boaters. The fact that the body was still intact and not decomposing, is a sign that the killing happened fairly recently.

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Read the full story here – http://fox61.com.

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