Neglected Dog Got Even A Shoelace Embedded In His Neck

How cruel can some people be? This will surely surprise you how some people are more of “monsters” than animals are!

– This poor dog has suffered so much in the hands of its previous owner.
– A photo of a dog with a swollen head has been making rounds online.
– 10-month-old Gus was discovered and rescued, with severe injuries in his head.

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A shoelace was mercilessly tied around the head of Gus, which resulted in the swelling of his entire head due to the lack of proper circulation. Gus was rescued in one of the busy streets in Houston, Texas.

The poor dog had a difficult time going around since the weight of his head was heavier than it should.

When vets examined Gus, it was discovered that the shoelace was not just simply tied to its neck, but it was EMBEDDED to the tissues of its head! Shocking and disgusting indeed, whoever did this cruel thing is more of a “monster” than any animal on the planet.

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