Neglected Dog 🐶 Is Loyal To Mean Owners Even After 7 Years

Why has this unbelievable video on next page already over 386,687 views?? This poor dog in Bali was abandoned by his family 7 years ago, but surprisingly the dog is still faithful.

The family just left him alone to die but the dog, who’s now a stray stays close to the house hoping someone will come and take him in.

Happy Video Happy Video And Then The Doggie 🐶 Realized He Has Been Adopted!

He lived like that for 7 years until a kind lady determined to save him comes forward to make a change in his life.

This beautiful rescue story is sure to bring tears to your eyes. The woman makes several attempts to put the leash around the dog. However, he is fearful and runs away every time.

She finally calls for help from a vet team who come at short notice. They had to be extra careful as this was a busy street with many vehicles moving and Igor could hurt himself.

As the dog had spent 7 years on the road, he was road smart and knew everything about the area. It was a tough job but they succeeded.

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