I’m Shocked To Know That My Dog Can Actually FEEL!!!

Dogs, they say, have feelings too..

– A dog was rescued by a firefighter in Main.
– The dog and its rescuer was photographed during the rescue, and it went viral.
– In the photo, it looked like the dog was “kissing” its rescuer.

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A dog was trapped on the second floor of its home in Wells, Maine. Without a second thought, a firefighter goes up to rescue the poor dog. As it appeared, the dog looked terrified of its current predicament.

While the rescue operation was on-going, when the firefighter reached the dog and was retrieving it to safe ground, a bystander was able to snap a photo of the dog moving for what appeared was a “kiss” in dog language.

The photo of the dog in distress reaching out to “kiss” its rescuer went viral in an instant.

Many people argue if animals have feelings or not.

What about you what do you think?

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Read the full article about this extraordinary rescue in this article – http://www.fireengineering.com.

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