3 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the USA

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Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world and for good reason. Most of them are loyal and loving and make a great addition to the family household.

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A recent survey reveals exactly how popular dogs are in the USA. As the numbers show, sixty million households in America have 90 million pet dogs. If you are a new dog owner and would like to choose the right breed for you, you may be daunted by the huge number of choices. Dog breeds vary considerably widely as opposed to other pets, like cats.

Some dog breeds are large while others have small. Various dog breeds have their own unique temperaments and physical abilities. As time goes by, more and more dog breeds are added and recognized by institutions similar to the American Kennel Club (AKC). For now, the AKC registers 192 pure dog breeds.

The most popular dog breed in the United States has been on top of the list for the longest time; 1991 to be exact. It continues to grow in popularity, and according to the AKC, there are 88,547 of these dogs back in 2017.

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