3 Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Have you ever wondered why dogs are loyal? While some dog breeds are more loyal than others, it seems most, if not all, dog breeds will stay by their owners’ side through thick and thin. Some people may think that dogs are loyal because you give them food and shelter. The truth is, the answer to why dogs are loyal is deeper than that. You can feed other pets, but they don’t respond with as much enthusiasm as dogs. When you return home, dogs are so excited to see you again. When you leave home again, they begin to cry.

Experts say that one of the main attributes for explaining dog loyalty goes back to a shared history between our species and dogs. In fact, science says both evolved together. Right now, archaeological evidence suggests dogs evolved from wolves before humans discovered them. But once humans found a way to domesticate dogs some 13,000 years ago, both species have become inseparable since.

Indeed, we are emotionally bonded with our pet dogs. Dogs are able to tell if we are having a bad day, and we also understand what they feel. We can look at how a dog looks and know what they’re feeling.

The first most loyal dog breed is originally bred from Germany…


According to the American Kennel Club, Boxers are the tenth most popular dog in the United States. Males stand 23-25 inches, while females 21.5 – 23.5 inches. As mentioned in the previous page, Boxers were originally bred in Germany. They were initially used to hunt huge, dangerous game. These dogs are quite powerful; with their strong jaws, they can bite on deer, boar, and other big animals and restrain them, waiting for the owner to arrive.


Boxers are playful, energetic and incredibly loyal. They are also low maintenance when it comes to grooming, and are dependable and not as aggressive as some may think. Boxers also have a reputation for being great around kids. That’s because they are playful, upbeat, patient and protective. Boxers are indeed great family watchdogs and they take their guarding task seriously. It will not back down from any threat towards their family.

The second most loyal dog breed is brave, loyal and beautiful….


Collies have captured the hearts of many people around the world, especially since they have made it to television shows, stories, and even movies. These media exposures showcased a dog breed that is beautiful, brave and loyal. Collies were originally bred in Scotland. They were used to herd sheep and flocks, depending on the variety.


According to the American Kennel Club, there are two varieties: The Rough Collie, and the Smooth Collie. The adjectives refer to the coats, with the Rough variety being more popular than the Smooth Collie. During the 1860s, Queen Victoria got a Collie as a pet dog. Since then, the breed became quite popular. The Queen even said that the Collies were her favorite dogs. Lassie, the famous movie and television dog star, made Collies even more popular. Lassie reinforced the idea that Collies are a great dog for families.

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The third most loyal dog breed has a bad rep in movies…


Rottweilers have a bad reputation in movies, but the truth is they can be extremely sweet and loyal pets. Granted, they can be standoffish against strangers, but they love people. There are several misconceptions against Rottweilers. They may look strong and intimidating, but the only reason why some Rottweilers are aggressive is because of irresponsible breeding and unsuitable training.


Some also say that Rottweilers are untrainable. On the contrary, they have been working dogs as old as 2000 years ago, and now, they are used as service dogs in the Police and military. Others say that Rottweilers will attack little kids. However, most of the incidents reported (87 percent to be exact) were kids being attacked by Rottweilers because they weren’t supervised.

Various dog breeds have different personalities, and Rottweilers don’t deserve to be misjudged. Most Rottweilers aren’t aggressive and can be trained to socialize and obey your orders. 

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