Who Are The 5 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Most affectionate dogs

Everybody loves an affectionate and loyal pet dog. While some people like running, or hunting partners, most of us just wants to have a dog we can pet and cuddle.


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Imagine being tired from work and school, and coming home exhausted. But then, in an instant, all your worries go away when you see your furry little friend scuttling towards you, ready to be your day’s source of stress relief.


That, and many other scenarios, is the reason why most pet lovers prefer dogs who are loving and gentle.


Dogs are so good at relieving stress that, in fact, many studies show this. Dogs have been used as therapy animals for hospitals and other institutions, and they are do this by raising the Oxycontin levels of the people who interact with them.


Heart disease researchers even showed that people who own pets and receive lots of social support are more likely to survive at least one year after a heart attack.


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If you’re like most dog lovers, you’re probably wondering which dog breeds are the most affectionate. This article provides you with a list of such dogs.


The first most affectionate dog breed is known as the gentle giant… Learn more on next page ❤🐾📺🔥➡

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