Is “No KILL” More HARMFUL To Dogs? ⛔

Is "No KILL" More HARMFUL To Dogs? ⛔

Slowly but surely… The “No KILL” policy is apparently killing animals more than we think it can.

– According to the police, the ‘No-Kill’ policies are in fact killing more animals.
– The “No Kill” policies apply to a lot of animal shelters and rescue groups.
– There is an overcrowding of animals in most of this animal house, which causes them poor health.

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The “No Kill” policies mean that animal shelters and rescue groups are not allowed to kill any animals who stray to their property. These animal centers have to choose between turning them away or taking them in.

The first option, to turn them away, is an obvious give away that the animal will have little to no survival rate in the cold and harsh outside world with no stable food supply and warm place to stay.

The second option, although ideal, but seems to become a lot more impossible than ever. Why? Well, these animal centers are starting to get crowded and space is not enough to keep all animals that turn up.

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