A lot of people associate barking with just dogs even though other animals such as coyotes, wolves etc. make the sound too on rare occasions.

However, the barks that dogs make is quite distinct from that made by wolves and experts say that wolves only bark as a sign of defense or warning from impending danger. Also, A Wolf’s barks is a lot shorter and more brief while dogs can actually bark non-stop for quite an extended period of time.

Even though there is no distinct reason for the disparity between a dog’s and a wolf’s bark, strong evidence suggests that dogs developed their bark due to domestication having types of barks for example attention seeking.

These studies hint to the fact that domestication causes some major alteration in the natural characteristics of an animal and goes beyond just successful taming of the said specie.

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The difference in the frequencies of barking among dogs and wolves might be due to the fact that domesticated dogs are usually confined to a certain environment while wolves on the other hand have a massive amount of space to live on.

The limited environment dogs can access is often filled with strange people and humans they may deem as intruders. The dogs bark excessively which can continue for a while until the threat is removed.

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