Mom Dog Seeks Help For Her Puppies! Touching Video!


Watch the video below and I bet you may not have seen anything like this before.


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This mom dog actually goes up to a human to seek help for her puppies rescue.

When she approaches the man, he thinks she is hungry and gives her a few biscuits to eat.

However, she tries to lead him to a specific direction with a worried expression.

The kind human guessed that the dog behavior signals for something she wanted to show and followed her.

Finally, she led him to a place where he found a few days old puppies who were shivering due to cold.

It had been raining and clearly, the mom was worried about her little ones.

The kind man wanted to help the family but shelter rescue was not an option so he made a little house out of what was available.


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He was helped by a few Samaritans and together they managed to build a safer haven for the puppies and their mom.


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