Is It The Beginning Of Something Great?

With a lot of Science and a heap of Faith, this paralyzed dog was able to walk again.
Want to know how his vet did it? Keep reading…

– A veterinarian in Dauphin county, was able to heal an injured dog with the use of water and treadmill.
– The water and treadmill therapy was able to recovery and help the dog walk again.
– The technique is called “hydrotherapy”.

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A 4-year-old beagle, who encountered a severe back injury that caused paralysis of his hind legs, just got the best healing ever!

Thanks to a Harrisburg veterinary clinic, Bronson the beagle is now learning how to walk again. How? With an amazing therapy called “hydrotherapy”. This method utilizes a treadmill and a good amount of water.

There was another method laid on the table, surgery; but the owners just could grab that choice, because it costs almost $7,000. So they opted for the hydrotherapy.

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