How Can A Labrador Help Those Scared Victims In Court?

Dogs can do a lot of amazing things, do you agree? Can you think of certain news where dogs are the heroes? Most probably, you can enumerate hundreds of them. However, have you seen a dog that is part of the court? You may be thinking that perhaps it is one of the employee’s pet. However, can you imagine a dog in court as a worker?

In Illinois, an attorney named Michael Nerheim has his 2-year-old Labrador retriever, Mitchell, not as his pet but as his co-worker in court. They want to raise a proposal that allows the dog to be with those 18 years old and below during the interview about sex and exploitation cases. They believe that dogs can alleviate their fear and anxiety during this period just like what Mitchell is doing.

Magna said Mitchell has been “an amazing ice breaker” for children who suddenly meet strangers in the prosecutor’s office and must discuss trauma they’ve endured. After an interview, one girl drew a picture of herself with the dog and wrote: “I Love Mitch.”

“He just lays there during the interview,” Magna said. “He’ll kind of lay on their toes most of the time and they (children) love to be able to reach down and pet him and know that he’s there during an interview. As soon as we get in an interview room, I hand over the leash to a child. It’s kind of symbolic, a way to let the child know they’re in control when there are many instances where they haven’t been, that bring them here to this building.”

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