⛔ How Did Mariah Carey’s Son Order A Dog Online???

⛔ How Did Mariah Carey's Son Order A Dog Online???

A certain celebrity needs to learn a thing or two about parental control.

– Moroccan, 7-year-old son of superstar Mariah Carey, once ordered a dog online without her knowledge!
– Aside from that, Moroccan also ordered different items in Amazon amounting to $5000!
– All these revelations were from Mariah herself during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

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Today’s kids are just so techie, and sometimes we parents may even feel that they are in charge of whatever they are doing online and that they know what they are doing. Well, maybe not always and definitely it varies from one kid to another.

Mariah Carey can attest to that!

Her 7-year-old son, Moroccan, has his own iPad and had a history of doing some shopping spree in Amazon. Resulting in a total bill of $5000!

Recently, the kid also went online and ordered a dog! Surprised Mariah Carey had to contact the online seller to clear things out.

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