He Flies To China To Find Her And Stays Through Quarantine

If you thought humanity was rare to find, you must watch this video of Gobi and her Dad. This man Dion was running a race in the Gobi Desert in China when a stray dog suddenly started following him from nowhere.  The dog followed Dion to his tent and stuck by him until the end of the race. Dion named the dog Gobi and was touched by her determination. She could have given up at any stage but she kept running behind her Dad.

In a few days that they spent together, they developed a strong bond. Dion knew he had to take her back to the UK with him but they had to wait for the quarantine period. He flew back home leaving Gobi in someone’s care. A few days later, he got a phone call saying that Gobi was lost. This was devastating but Dion flew back to China and did everything he could to find her.

The efforts paid off and Gobi was found. What a reunion! The little dog recognized her Dad immediately and Dion stayed with her for the remaining quarantine period. Watch the video until the end to see Gobi living her new life in the UK with her Dad.

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