ABUSE ALERT!!! Man Chokes Dog For Acting Like A DOG!?

ABUSE ALERT!!! Man Chokes Dog For Acting Like A DOG!?

How do we expect dogs to act in front of us?
Like dogs, right? Well, not this guy here… He choked his friend’s dog for acting like a dog!

– A guy from Palm Coast, Florida is currently being charged with animal abuse.
– The accused is Brendan Geary, a 21-year-old man who also confessed to the brutal act.
– The dog Geary choked was a pint-size Yorkie pup that became unconscious after the abuse.

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Police investigators Flagler County said that on Monday, they received reports of apparent animal abuse within the county. The case was that of a young man, Brendan Geary 21-year-old, who allegedly brutally treated Dixie, a tiny puppy.

Dixie the dog is only about a pint-size small, and upon investigation, the police indeed saw an unconscious puppy who had the bloodshot eye and feces marks all over the body.

During interrogation, Sheriff Rick Staly said that the accuse did confess to doing the said crime, and Gear even reasoned out that the dos were “acting like a dog” that’s why he did what he did to the poor thing.

Read the full story here – http://fox61.com.

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