Man Abuses Elderly Dog! What He Did BEFORE IS INHuman!!! ⛔

Man Abuses Elderly Dog! What He Did BEFORE IS INHuman!!! ⛔

A man was arrested in Michigan after he allegedly beat an elderly dog with his bike. Not yet satisfied, the man also did the most horrible act to this dog before that!

– According to police officers, the suspect was apprehended at an empty house.
– When they arrested the suspect, 7 other dogs were seen in the house.
– Three DEAD dogs were also discovered in his property!

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A man in Detroit, whose identity is yet to be known, was caught by officers in his own house. Although the property looked abandoned, during the search operations, seven other dogs were found in the premise.

Concerned citizens in the neighborhood immediately dialed 911 to call for the Detroit cop, when they saw that the man was DRAGGING AN UNCONSCIOUS dog behind his bike. Not yet done and satisfied, the man went off the bike and picked up the dog to BEAT IT.

It was indeed an ugly sight to see.

The dog was in critical condition after the incident but managed to survive.

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