Dog Stays Alone On Rocky Island And Waits For Owner

when you watch the video you will be convinced that dogs are indeed so loyal to their owners. This place is Rocky island where the waves break and the weather is often turbulent. On the Marado rock, sits a lonely dog named Neurology. Despite the fierce waves and rains, he never leaves that island and looks like he is waiting for someone or guarding something.

The locals try to help them and give him food, but he runs away every time he sees someone approaching. When the animal rescuers arrive at the spot, they have a hard time getting to Neurongi and he seems to know the area really well. After a lot of searching around, the rescuers get to know that Neurongi had a family. There was an old couple that took care of him. They often came here where the old man liked to catch fish.

When the old man’s health deteriorated, they had to leave the island and the dog was left behind. He stayed on the rocks for more than a year waiting for his owners to return. When he is finally rescued, the vet finds that he has heartworm which needs to be treated immediately. I hope Neurongi gets well soon and gets to see his owners.

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