Love Sports? You’ll Surely LOVE THIS PET!😮💖

A famous basketball team is planning on buying a canine stress-reliever for its players.

– It is scientifically proven that dogs make excellent therapeutic treatment to fight stress..
– One famous NBA team looks into the possibility of buying a dog to help de-stress their players.
– Currently, this NBA team’s mascot is a dog… Coincidence? Maybe not!

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Cavaliers, one of the leading NBA teams not just this season but consistently over the past years, is eyeing to buy an actual dog to help de-stress their superstar players. Currently, the team’s mascot is a dog named Moondog.

Nobody thinks this is a coincidence at all, and everyone thinks this is an excellent idea. After all, dogs are known to be man’s best friend and they do an excellent job in relieving their owner’s stress.

This idea is not a new one, admit Cavalier managers. It all started way back March when a road game against the Charlotte Hornets. By chance, the therapy dog of UNC baseball team, Remington, visited the team’s hotel room and made such an impact to the group.

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