🐕 Would You Love A Dog Lover? ❤️

If you want to get a date, you need to get a dog first… but make sure you don’t fake it!

– Getting a date may not be an easy thing, especially if you are looking for a serous one.
– If you want to look attractive to your date, a dog as a pet would say a lot about you.
– According to experts, it connotes being responsible and loving, which is a huge plus of you are looking for a serious relationship after the date.

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If you tried to walk your dog, you might have experience people coming up to you, asking about random stuffs but mostly things about your dog. Like what breed, how old, what’s the name, what it eats, and many more!

It’s been proven that people who have dogs are deemed as approachable and friendly. Conversations start easy when people see that you are a dog person. So finding a date is easier too.

Aside from making it easy to find a date, owning a dog gives the signal that you are a responsible person and could make a good partner for long-term goals.

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