Dog Reunited With His Owner After 7 Months

dog reunited

This video got over 10 Million views!! What could be the reason?

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What will you do when your dog is lost? Is there any chance that you will lose your hope?

You should watch the video on the next page. Dora jumped out the fence in the backyard because she was afraid of fireworks. She ran away.

Her human family did everything to find her. However, she was no longer to be found.

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Days become weeks, and weeks become months. For seven months Dora was gone. Her family did not give up. They still looked for her.

If you are the family, do you think you still have hope that you will be able to see your dog again? Will you just give up or continue the fight?

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Just imagine for seven months, your dog is not with you. Perhaps, you may think that he is already dead.

You should watch the video below. Miracles do happen. For seven months, their dog was lost.

However, the family did not think that they will not find their dog anymore. Until one day, CCAS scanned the microchip of the dog and called the family.

The dog reunited with her family and brought back to her home again. It was a heartbreaking scene when Dora and her owner reunited again. Share this inspiring story on Facebook!

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