Dog’s Reaction When He Sees His Owners Will Make You Cry

This matted stray dog wandered along the streets lonely. He kept running away whenever someone tried to help him. The poor dog looked sad and he followed every woman he saw on the street, looking for his lost owner. Finally, a crew member tried to help the dog and reunite him with his owners. When they took him to the vet, they found a sign that helped them locate his owners.

When they called the owners, they could not believe that it was true. The man said that he had given the dog to one of his acquaintances when he was only a puppy. They already had several other dogs in the house but they were more than happy to take ChuanJang back.  Initially, the dog behaved a bit awkwardly, maybe because he was unable to remember the place where he spent his puppyhood.

However, as soon as he saw his mom, he started jumping with joy and running all around. It’s so heartwarming to see ChuanJang safe and back in his home again. We hope his sufferings are over and now he only has good times ahead of him.

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