K9 Officers Appreciation Post – Imagine Life Without Them!

How important are K-9 officers in the line of duty?

– Currently, almost all police departments nationwide and even worldwide, are employing K-9 members.
– These K-9 officers have been proven to serve and protect the citizens in great ways!
– Losing a K-9 officer is indeed a big tragedy to a city.

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Sherman, Texas just lost their K-9 officer, and their Police Department can attest that things just aren’t the same without the much-needed assistance of this very helpful canine partner.

Just recently, Sherman Police Department lost their K-9 officer, Baak, when it reached retirement age and is now spending his days in a much-deserved vacation.

The Sherman Police Department is now left with a huge goal to fill-in the vacant position, and this entails the need to raise funds to buy a new police dog of appropriate breed and training.

The Police Department is now initiating a fundraising campaign, and so far it’s going well.

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