Dog Adoption – Cute Dog Undergoes A Massive Transformation

dog adopt

Meet little rescue dog muffin that was saved from a sad and miserable life.


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The volunteers who gave her a new life wanted Muffin to find a loving home. To help her come out of her shell, they asked a friend to foster the poor shy puppy.


In her foster home, Muffin learned how to be a dog and enjoy her life. She enjoyed the car rides and learned how to play with soft toys.


The day of the dog adoption finally arrived and a wonderful family from Baltimore came to take Muffin to their home.


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It’s an emotional moment for the foster mom to let go of muffin but you can see that she is happy to hand her little baby to a loving family.


The couple already has a dog so Muffin will not just have new parents but a sibling too. After several hours of the car ride, Muffin finally arrives at her new home.


To her parent’s surprise, she immediately feels comfortable in the new surroundings.


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She gets along with her brother well as if they have been together forever.


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