Little Chihuahua’s Journey From a Sad To Happy Dog

We really need to thank all those people who make these inspiring stories a reality. Watch the video below to see an amazing rescue of a homeless Chihuahua dog. The poor dog looks emaciated and completely shaken by her past experiences. When the rescuers reached her, she looks frightened and suspecting. She is clearly not prepared for human touch.

The rescuers are patient and decide to take things slow. One of the rescuers come closer to the dog and offer the food that she accepts. However, when he tries to touch her, she tries to bite to protect herself. After a lot of waiting, the Chihuahua finally believes that she is in safe hands. She allows herself to be rescued. Even after the lucky leash is placed around her neck, the rescuers go slow and give her enough time to bond with them.

When they finally reach the shelter, she enjoys a nice warm bath to clean off the dirt. She soon learns to trust humans and tries to overcome her fears. In the end, you can see her playing with her foster family. The lucky ChiChi is now waiting for her forever home.

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