Ever Tried Leaving Your Dog Inside A Car?

Whether you actually LOVE dogs or NOT, you too would definitely get upset when you see this poor dog that’s trapped in a closed car WITH NO VENTILATION!

– The temperature inside the was a harsh 66 degrees Celsius.
– A dog trapped inside the locked and sealed car was seen by passer-bys.
– The owner was nowhere to be found for a very long time.

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At round 3 in the afternoon on a Sunday, the police department in Burlington received a call of distress from concerned individuals who reportedly are seeing a poor dog trapped inside a locked car, parked under the scorching heat of the afternoon sun.

This type of calls and situations are, of course, not new to the police. Very unfortunate to say, but this is quite common, and some owner actually get away with it, depending on the scenario.

This time, the police made sure that whatever happened, the dog was safeguarded. So they immediately responded to the call and went to the parking lot where the car was allegedly parked.

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Read Andrew Collins’ full report here – https://www.msn.com.

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