Fall Time Exercises To Do With Your Dog

When you have a dog, you know the summer months are some of the best times because they are able to run around and enjoy the sun. However, when the fall months start to come around you will find that the exercise time you have with your dog is going to be limited. Since this is limited you need to make sure you know some of the different fall exercises that you can do with your dog to keep them occupied.

Camping may not seem like it is something to do in the fall, but it really is. The temperatures are often lower, which makes it easier for you to take your dog with you. However, as with any outdoor adventure you need to make sure you find a dog-friendly parkBut also make sure your dog is updated on all of their shots to guarantee they are not going to get sick if exposed to something new.

Jogging and walking your dog is still a doable exercise in the fall. The only difference is you have to make sure you are careful of the leaves that are on the ground and the possibility of a snake being hidden in the leaves. Either way, though, this is going to be a great exercise that you can do with your dog and your dog is sure to enjoy the exercise as well because of all the new smells that are available for them.

Finally, you may want to consider the agility parks that are available in your area. When you are able to find these parks it is going to be easy for you to take your dog to the park and know they can start to enjoy the park more because of the cooler weather.  However, you will have to make sure you can allow your dog off of the leash in the park for them to get the full enjoyment of the park.

As you may have found out it is nearly impossible for you to take your dog out as often when you are heading into the fall. However, outside of the mild summer days the fall is one of the best times for your dogs to get out and exercise. With a couple of ideas, though, you can start to find the best exercises to do with your dog in the fall.

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