Dog Steals His Dad’s Dentures While He Sleeps ….

There’s a fine line between mischief and cuteness! This dog is right in between the two!

– A tiny fury pooch has stolen the hearts of online viewers with a video circulating the internet.
– Apparently, before stealing the hearts of viewers, this dog has stolen something else!
– You would laugh at the photos and videos that shows just how cute this mischievous dog can be.

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You can call this pooch a trouble maker or mischievous or whatever you want; but one thing is for sure, Maggie is CUTE and everybody in the internet agrees with that!

While her owner was sleeping, Maggie had the opportunity to play around with her owner’s dentures which was lying around the house. Without hesitation, like any dog would do, Maggie grabbed the denture by her mouth and started playing with it.

It was a huge coincidence that the dentures ended up inside Maggie’s mouth too! The cute pooch was walking around the house with the dentures perfectly snugged in her mouth, and the internet is just grateful that the moment was all caught on camera!

You can watch the full video here:

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Or read the full article in this link –

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